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Millvale Community Library
213 Grant Avenue
Millvale, PA  15209

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Email us at:  millvalelibrary@gmail.com

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Read the latest news about Millvale Community Library:

Millvale Residents to Cut Ribbon in Sunday’s Library Opening (Pgh. P-G (N), 8/15/2013)

Build It and They Will Check Stuff Out (Pop City, 7/31/13) 

North At a Glance (Millvale):  Grand Opening Set for Library (Pgh. P-G (N), 7/3/2013)

New Millvale Library Aims for August Opening (Pgh. P-G, 6/13/2013)

Making A Difference:  Brian Wolovich’s Commitment Leads to a Library for Millvale (Pgh. P-G, 4/21/2013

Jefferson Awards:  Six Pittsburgh Finalists for Most Outstanding Volunteer Chosen (Pgh P-G, 4/14/2013)

Shaler Area Helps (Pgh. P-G (N), 3/14/2013

Library Nearly Ready to Debut (Pgh. P-G (N), 2/14/2013

Brewing Company Opening Raises Money for Library (Pittsburgh Tribune Review – Pine Creek Journal, 12/20/2012)

Millvale Community Library Opening Expected Early Next Year (Pgh. P-G, 11/8/2012)

Millvale Community Library moves Closer to Completion; Offering Programs (Pittsburgh Tribune Review – Pine Creek Journal, 8-9-2012)

Summer Story Hour, Crafts Come to Millvale Library (Pgh. P-G, 7-26-2012)

Grant to Library will Build Facilities for Disabled Patrons (Pgh. P-G, 1-26-2012)

Students Mark Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with Community Service (Pgh. P-G, 1-17-2012)

Nontraditional College Takes Root… (Pgh. P-G (N) 11-10-2011)

Concrete Library Pup Gets a Name (Pgh. P-G (N) 11-10-2011)

Children Take Advantage of Riverfront Reading… (Pgh. P-G, 8-4-2011)

Millvale Library Hopeful of Opening in 2012 (Pgh. P-G (N), 4-7-2011

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