“MAKING” Opportunities at MCL!

IMG_1710 IMG_1045“Don’t be bored, make something.”  –16-year-old Joey Hudy at the 2012 White House Science Fair

If you’re not yet familiar with the “Maker” movement as it relates to children, it is simply a push in modern culture to facilitate and encourage learning through creativity.  Some liken it to the DIY culture, but for children, it is so much more!   Maker opportunities, like those offered at the Millvale Community Library, give participants the chance to explore and create, without barriers.  Raw materials are provided, along with gentle guidance and encouragement, allowing our “makers” to let their imaginations run wild, while learning about science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (commonly referred to as STEAM education).

Millvale Community Library (MCL) is excited to be named a Maker Corps Host Site for Summer, 2014!  One of only 35 Maker Education Initiative Host Sites nationally, MCL looks to expand its current maker program (made possible by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh) to include a more vivacious maker space, a tool lending library, and to foster relationships between makers of all ages by developing a partnership with the Open Floor Maker Space, a neighboring collective of skilled craftsmen in various disciplines.

As part of our exciting expansion of our Maker activities, the MCL will be welcoming two Maker Corps members to our family!  Online applications are now being accepted for these positions!

For more information on the job opportunities, the Maker Education Initiative, and the maker movement in general, please follow the links below!

Maker Corps Member Job Opportunities

Maker Education Initiative

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